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Complex Continuing Care Unit (Rosamond)

The Complex Continuing Care Unit is a 26-bed unit located on the second floor. This unit provides care to medically stable patients with complex care needs that cannot be met in the community or in a long-term care home.


A team of professionals will be working together with patients and families, to provide safe, quality care. This interdisciplinary team includes:

  • Physicians

  • Registered Nurses

  • Registered Practical Nurses

  • Personal Support Workers

  • Pharmacist

  • Physiotherapist

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Recreation Therapist

  • Dietitian

  • Volunteers

  • Social Worker

Members of the care team will ensure the ongoing assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation of care and treatment. Patient and family feedback is important to the care team during all phases of care and service delivery.


Staff on the Complex Continuing Care Unit are committed to providing safe, quality, patient and family-centred care. Input from patients and their families is vital to ensure we achieve our commitment. The Nurse Manager, who is responsible to ensure that the unit runs as smoothly as possible, is also available to respond to questions and concerns and can be reached at extension 2250. Patients and families are encouraged to use our comment/suggestion box located at the Unit’s care desk. In addition, feedback/comment forms are posted on corkboards in each room. All written comments will be responded to if they include the patient or family member’s name and phone number.


Activity Room

A cozy activity room in the central area of the unit promotes socialization and friendship among patients and families. Our hospital volunteers, community volunteers, recreation groups and family members are welcomed participants in our program, bringing enjoyment to our patients.


Clothing and Personal Items

Patients are encouraged to dress in everyday clothing. Clothes need to be easy to put on and comfortable to wear.


A laundry bag kept in the patient’s cupboard is provided to take laundry home. Families are asked to store seasonal clothing elsewhere since cupboard space is limited. All items and clothing brought in must be labelled with the patient’s name to help prevent loss.


Patients need similar toiletries to those used at home. Patient’s toiletries can be kept in the bedside table or in their washroom, as desired.


Electronic Equipment

Patients are welcome to bring in a radio, television, VCR and DVD player; the cost of cablevision is included in the co-payment accommodation fee. All electrical equipment brought into to the Hospital must be checked by our Engineering Department before being used.


Laundry and Labelling Service

The Hospital provides a service to launder and label residents clothing. To help prevent items becoming misplaced, clothing must be labelled, and all items must be washable as the Hospital is not responsible for damages that might occur during the laundry process. Order forms and information regarding charges are available at the Complex Continuing Care Unit Nursing Desk. If patients would like to use either of these services, please let our staff know as soon as possible.


Out of Hospital Visits

With a written order from the patient’s physician, family and/or other responsible persons may take patients home for a visit, to a community event or when necessary, to appointments at other health facilities.


The Hospital does not provide a nurse and/or ambulance escort to take residents to appointments unless medically necessary.


Phone Service

Patients, and or their family, wanting to have a private telephone in their room are responsible for contacting the phone company to initiate service. Please note that payments for telephone service are to be made directly to the phone company.



Regulation 552 of the Health Insurance Act states that Acute Care Hospitals such as Almonte General Hospital must charge a co-payment rate for patients who, in the opinion of the attending physician, no longer require acute services and instead require complex continuing care.


The co-payment fee covers “ward room (4 bed room) accommodation and meals. The co-payment rate is $60.78 per day.


The patient may also request a semi-private room (for an additional fee of $80.00/day) or private room (for an additional fee of $110.00/day). Access to preferred accommodation is based on availability. Preferred accommodation rates are in addition to the co-payment rate.


All rates are subject to change annually, on July 1.


A completed copy of the Co-Payment calculation form, accompanied by the most recent “Notice of Assessment” from Revenue Canada should be submitted to the business office.